Lipton Green Tea 立頓綠茶廣告 2011

上海 -立頓公司茶品產業最新口味的立頓即飲綠茶推出新一波的廣告戰役。


LIPTON green tea 50s version




LIPTON green tea 30s version

Shanghai, China, May 19, 2011 – DDB Shanghai is launching a fresh new campaign for Lipton’s Ready-to-Drink Green Tea, the newest flavor in the company’s ready-to-drink tea line. The campaign will be rolled out via TVC, cinema ads, online and outdoor, with the cinema ad making its debut nationwide at the movie premiere of “Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides” on May 19.

Starring popular Asian actor Takeshi Kaneshiro, the TVC transports audiences to Hangzhou’s beautiful West Lake for an enchanting cinematic experience. In it, Takeshi takes a drink of Lipton Green Tea and is transported by its refreshing and authentic taste to West Lake, a picturesque location famous for its Longjing tea leaves. The campaign utilizes an “imaginary journey” as a key creative concept and incorporates elegant special effects to bring about a revitalizing and stimulating tea effect that one experiences when drinking Lipton Green Tea.

With a slick, first rate production value and an A-list case and crew, the campaign represents another milestone for Lipton as it continues to execute an incisive brand strategy in China, leading the market as a global tea beverage brand known for being The Tea Experts. The entire production of the campaign took the DDB Shanghai team to Tokyo, Bangkok and Sydney.

“I’m confident that this campaign will bring about an eye-opening experience to the audience and to the competition as we continue to promote the brand communication idea via a first-class execution,” said Margaret Wu, Director-in-Charge of Lipton at DDB Shanghai.

This is the second year that Lipton has collaborated with an A-list cast and crew, with Takeshi Kaneshiro as the spokesperson, Masami Kamiyama as the director, and Takaki Kumada as the photographer. In 2010, DDB Shanghai collaborated with Lipton on a launch campaign for Lipton’s Ready-to-Drink Sri Lanka Black Tea, also starring Takeshi Kaneshiro.

“The competition in the ready-to-drink tea category in China is fierce. Not only is this campaign strategically sound, it is exceptional in execution. I’m sure it will set a new standard in the category”, said Kate Lee, Asia Marketing Director, Pepsi-Lipton-International.
Client: Pepsi-Lipton-International China
Creative Agency: DDB Shanghai
Chief Creative Officer: Michael Dee
Director-In-Charge: Margaret Wu
Production House: InShow
Post production house: Post Modern
Director: Masami Kamiyama
Photographer: TakakiKumada