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標題: Opening in US This is not what I expected May 5 AMC theatres [打印本頁]

作者: Rui    時間: 2017-5-2 05:16     標題: Opening in US This is not what I expected May 5 AMC theatres

Just want to give a shout-out for a chance to see the movie on the big screen in US, some cities' AMC theatres are carrying it.  
IMDB score 7.2/10 pre-opening not bad!
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THIS IS NOT WHAT I EXPECTED (2017) Official Trailer

作者: lovelavender    時間: 2017-5-2 19:26     標題: 回復 #1 Rui 的帖子

Thank you Rui

why can't wait ~~ I am visiting US in Q3
how wonderful if I can watch this in US theatres :Q :Q
作者: Rui    時間: 2017-5-3 19:10     標題: 回復 #10 lovelavender 的帖子

Hi LoveLavender,
It's not likely that the movie will still be showing in theatre by Q3, but may be on demand on TV.  I remember that the Warlord was on demand for a while in the US.  
I think it's great that a Chinese language comedy can be released here.  Comedies are very hard to sell in other cultures.  It shows confidence on the movie's appeal!
Warm regards,
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《喜欢你》票房口碑持续发酵 5月5日北美欢乐公映

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金城武和周冬雨兩人入警局後的被刪減片段 ... o=lastpost#lastpost

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金城武和周冬雨首邂逅的爆笑“劃車”場面 ... o=lastpost#lastpost

作者: Rui    時間: 2017-5-5 08:14     標題: 回復 #15 阿管 的帖子

Really funny clip! Thanks.
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《喜歡你》This Is Not What I Expected || 意外划车片段 浪漫爱情喜剧北美继续上演

作者: 阿管    時間: 2017-5-5 16:00

《喜欢你》甜蜜热映成“女生首选” 公开正片画面

视频:《喜欢你》金城武菜场表白周冬雨 ... doct=0&rfunc=76

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作者: Rui    時間: 2017-5-8 05:29     標題: Nice review ... not-what-i-expected

Quote "impossibly glamorous" Takeshi.  

作者: 阿管    時間: 2017-5-8 19:24

South China Morning Post.

Film review:

This Is Not What I Expected – Takeshi Kaneshiro, Zhou Dongyu in romantic comedy with a culinary focus

It takes something special to turn an intended screwball romance featuring perennial heartthrob Takeshi Kaneshiro into food porn, but that’s what debutant director Derek Hui has achieved..... ... neshiro-zhou-dongyu
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Movie Clip, 電影片段


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Movie Clip, 電影片段


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