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標題: 1994年連環泡 [打印本頁]

作者: 阿管    時間: 2013-2-12 21:48     標題: 1994年連環泡

1994 金城武 林志穎 訪談 [flash][/flash]
作者: mary    時間: 2013-2-13 20:15

please, which is the title of Takeshi's song at 2:58? it seems to me so beautiful I'd like to listen to it entirely and to read a translation of its words, but can't do it if don't know its title... well, in my homework the next step will be learning (almost) everything about Takeshi's music as soon as possible
作者: 阿管    時間: 2013-2-13 23:36     標題: 回復 #2 mary 的帖子

The title of Takeshi's song is <分手的夜裡>. [flash][/flash]
作者: 阿管    時間: 2013-2-14 00:11

Obviously, Mr Kaneshiro is not a very good singer.
I like this song so much better than <分手的夜裡>
金城武 - 假如
(收錄於"如果•愛 - 電影原聲大碟", 《如果.愛》(Perhaps Love) 2005)
作者: mary    時間: 2013-2-14 19:35

ahahah, an artist releasing so many albums during so many years is certainly a very good singer!! many many thanks, 阿管 you're perfectly right, 分手的夜裡 has a catchy refrain as for music (even if the text is tearful), so it easily stays on mind, while the other song greatly shows Mr. Kaneshiro's vocal ability well, every artist needs the right occasion to show his capability and he made the choice of directing his efforts towards good-quality works

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