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標題: 安娜瑪德蓮娜 [打印本頁]

作者: 小育    時間: 2012-12-10 14:51     標題: 安娜瑪德蓮娜

作者: mary    時間: 2013-3-13 23:33

Unfortunately, I have understood only the words in English and French, but intuition and imagination have helped me
This is interesting: if you don't understand the language while watching a movie, are obliged to concentrate on what you're seeing, especially on characters' facial expressions
In this movie Mr. Kaneshiro's face is very expressive, but also his body's movements are comunicative for example, when a nun locks the child in a room, and then Takeshi comes out with the key in his hand or also when the protagonists are singing and a woman on the upstairs throws down the water on them

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