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作者: snow85234    時間: 2006-10-28 00:23     標題: to "young policeman in love"

I was watching your earlier movie called “young policeman in love” yesterday night.  It is hilarious!  I was laughing so hard, you just made my day!  The story is so unreal to me and has been put up together so funny.  I love it!  Very light weight comedy.  That reminds me of the comment “Johnny Deb”.  The role you are in this film is so different from the icon you current in.  I don’t think I will see you in this type of movie in the future.

In these days, everything around you is about money.  The nice word for it is called “business”.  I would love to see you getting rich enough to do things you want in someday.  When that day comes, if you make movie for yourself, I will see truly you.  Mel Gibson and George Clooney, they are famous for good looking man for American woman.  Later, when they made their own movies, you start to know them fairly.  George Clooney, I respect him highly.

To any person’s life, the last is what is you have been building inside.  What you have gifted outside will fade with the time.
作者: 阿管    時間: 2006-10-28 22:27

The older and wiser Takeshi is looking more attractive than ever.

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作者: JUNO-MIN    時間: 2006-11-29 11:27

OH! George Clooney..he is a handsome person.I LIKE HIM ..HEHE~~
It is said that he has a small pig,(his pet),OH, i think it is so lovely,so intersting!
I hope one day,TAKESHI can  make movie for himself, and we  will see truly him.
I think attractive attitude is very important, and TAKESHI will make it right!

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