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標題: 投名狀首映发布会 金城武 採訪 (影片視像) [打印本頁]

作者: 阿管    時間: 2007-12-7 17:09     標題: 投名狀首映发布会 金城武 採訪 (影片視像)

Thanks ninjakitten1! [flash][/flash] [flash][/flash] [ 本帖最後由 阿管 於 2007-12-7 17:10 編輯 ]
作者: 小育    時間: 2007-12-7 18:15

這個太棒了 感謝阿管找了這麼多精彩的報導 看了這個訪談讓我覺得金城武不只是外型帥 言談間的氣質和誠懇更是值得讚許
作者: Creamy    時間: 2007-12-7 23:08

Thank you Ninjakitten1 請大家幫忙一下,Ninjakitten 想要片段的翻譯,武的話我是能聽得清楚,但記者的發問,我就沒有信心,有誰能把訪問內容,中文也好,先打一遍出來嗎? [ 本帖最後由 Creamy 於 2007-12-7 23:16 編輯 ]
作者: tulip    時間: 2007-12-8 05:49

Creamy, same here. I can hear everything TK said, but most of the time i don't know what the questions were. Anyway, I will try to do it tonight for ninjakitten1, won't have time to do it during the day but should be ok at night. Please let me know if you are already working on it . Thanks! [ 本帖最後由 tulip 於 2007-12-8 07:23 編輯 ]
作者: ninjakitten1    時間: 2007-12-8 06:28

Creamy and Tulip Dear friends : please, only if and when you have time, you can do this for me . For now, I am very happy just to hear TK's voice. ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ Another clip: [ 本帖最後由 ninjakitten1 於 2007-12-8 06:34 編輯 ]
作者: tulip    時間: 2007-12-9 20:11     標題: 回復 #5 ninjakitten1 的帖子

Don't thank me yet, I lied to you, I haven't even started working on it. I had been really busy this weekend sorry but i will surely get on to it ASAP
作者: sousa    時間: 2007-12-13 23:11

發現阿武用字頗精準的!他應該當科學家!! 啊~忘了謝謝阿管! [ 本帖最後由 sousa 於 2007-12-13 23:13 編輯 ]

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