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標題: <心動> 片尾曲 [打印本頁]

作者: Creamy    時間: 2007-5-7 00:41     標題: <心動> 片尾曲

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作者: 阿管    時間: 2007-5-7 16:53

這是 <心動>中最令我感動的部份!

作者: sara    時間: 2007-5-7 22:13

作者: AnikiLove    時間: 2007-5-8 03:20     標題: 回復 #1 Creamy 的帖子

"這就是我想妳的日子 把它全送給妳!"
嗯嗯~me touching me...<img
dear Aniki...如果這輩子有幸聽到你寫我的歌...
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作者: mary    時間: 2013-6-9 23:24

hi, friends!! I hope you all have had a beautiful Sunday two days ago I have watched 'Tempting heart' for the first time To be honest, it has not the poeticalness of 'Turn left, turn right' ... is a realistic movie in fact, its plot reminds me in part a true story I heard of in the past and in part the French movie 'L'appartement' by Gilles Mimouni (starring the Italian actress Monica Bellucci and her husband Vincent Cassel) However, mr. Kaneshiro's acting is really good I appreciated particularly the scene of the hug between the protagonists in a freezing evening when they meet again in Japan and also the evident nervosism of his character when his wife talks to him and reveals her nature
作者: mary    時間: 2013-6-9 23:50

In these months I also noted that Eastern people talk about the fate frequently... mr. Kaneshiro, mr. Ang Lee, many plots of movies and many of you, friends This aspect is really interesting here we have a conception of the fate which is quite different, it goes back to the ancient Rome In the III century a. C. the poet Appius Claudius Caecus wrote: 'Est unusquisque faber ipsae suae fortunae' that is 'Everyone is artificer of his/her own fate/fortune' this means 'your life is in your hands'... it's a beautiful conception, but not always true (unfortunately) and we consider also everyone's nature and inclination as aspects which are in everyone's hands, that means they can be modified so we usually quote the fate only in case of death, serious physical disease, sometimes love or win in the lottery... and often only as a joke these are two beautiful conceptions: ours leads us to take responsibility of our life upon ourselves, yours helps us to accept what happens while we're living Also I like what mr. Kaneshiro said: 'Intuition is a sort of fate' :handshake He's a deep thinker

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