1 May 2002

Hey, well,,,,,
It seems to be misunderstood as several, so in order to set an ease.
For who ? Don-chan and so on. Ha ha

The reason why I will close HP, is too busy, and telling the truth,
I don't have any new idea which is thought as Wow.
I am very sorry that all come to check whether is re-written or not
every time, and I worry about that, that's why.
Because re-writing is hardly to be seen. ^^;

Hey, Don-chan, you know how busy to take the drama, right ?

See you

30 April 2002

Dear Mr. Luna Hiki,

I have a lot ot feeling to tell you in my mind, but please let me tell
you just this.

I am very glad to meet with you. I would like to say just one word
"thank you" to
your parents who raise you with warm hearts, many volunteers, others
who love him,
alomost like my feeling to thank cannot be stopped.

During my life as 28 years, thank you very much for the most wonderful
and the most
important message.

And dear all who see my sight.

Please allow me to put on the period on my sight as a trigger of this

Please see the drama.

gyaha (*it is very difficult to translate... just the sound like

Well, in someday..... (riddle)

To all of you, my special thanks m(_ _)m pekori(*it is just the
description to bow)


29 November 2001

Is it winter already? Winter is always so short-lived but romantic. We've finally completed our on-location shooting at Kobe and Himeji. Even then, still... Despite the ongoing issue of mad cow disease, I must say that I could not resist the temptation of those marvelous beef dishes. I think I've eaten too much. But then again, good things should be appreciated. I guess these drinking sessions will be one of those wonderful memories when I look back in the future.

Today, on the way back from shooting, I witnessed a scenery of red leaves which moved me. I know very well that the surrounding red leaves on the ground have been there a long time before, yet all of a sudden, this picturesque scenery presented itself before me.

Are those red leaves really the result of leaves which are dying off soon? They really must have used the last drop of their remaining life force to turn themselves into red or brown leaves. Yet, when people with different thoughts and feelings look at the red leaves, they offer praises of their beauty. Isn't that depressing?

In the coldness of winter, red leaves that are scattered everywhere created the image of burning flames, letting one feel warmth, as if wearing a red piece of clothing.

A leaf hanging on the branch, just moments before its death, is certainly the most beautiful.

Ah. I'm feeling a little tired. I've not written in the diary for a long time. Instead of calling it a diary, maybe I should call it "journal which I write once in a long while".

Hmmmm.. Mr TAKASHI YAMAZAKI is coming over after his meal.. Did he really see the Leonid meteor shower? Did he have drinks with the production crew?

I wondered how did Anne do for her exams? She must have worked hard.

That's all for now. Will write again another day.

13rd June 2001

"Urara- Urara- UraUrara- " ♪ (Hi)
"Urara- Urara- U・・・" (Gebo)

I've just started to use Cable line.

Sooo fast!!!!!
Extremely fast!!!!!!!

(Hi) "Urara- Urara- UraUrara-" (Jan)

An idea for a homepage came to me somehow. But it is troublesome.

Than such a thing, Summer is coming soon!!!!
I'll ride on the surf from now on!!!!!

On the cable・・・

The date was incorrect! ↓

==Additional Explanation from Wanko ==
(This is not TK's diary but I'd like to write this to help your understand some things)
"Urara〜"is a famous Japanese song, which the title is "I can't stop doing". Ms. Rinda Yamamoto sang that song probably 20 years ago but it still popular among the young & adults. The song expresses happy and exciting feelings. Using cable make Internet access faster, so Takeshi was excited and sang that song.

11 June 2001

It has passed half year away immediately!
Sooo fast! U-gya!(Oh no!) What should I do?

But there is still the rest of the half year from now.
♪ Hehe

Yeah, we have still half a year.

Let's play!(Quietly)

By the way, it's getting warmer.
The night is cool. And it feels so nice these days.

Recently I quit watching TV.
This is because I played games a lot. (A little, of course)

Both in Japan and Taiwan, there is few good news.

A burglar, a murder, a violation and political matter...
strange programs, hard to understand dramas and so on....

Watching TV makes me feel painful.

When it is reported only bad news, it shows to foreign countries that's all in Japan, I guess.

Well, it may be bad that I cannot control my mind with such a thing.
Anyway I decide not to watch TV. So I stop watching TV.

Recently I bought 503I series. It is good.

It has more functions compared to the former version.

I do not use i-appli (because I don't want to pay for it, yes)
But Yeah it's color・・・ Hehe.
I have to change my front screen to photo of that girl. ・・・ Ukeke.

I finally got one green mask・・・only one・・ Chi

Good night.

==Additional Explanation from Wanko==
503I series is one of mobile phone products of NTT Docomo.
It has function called i-appli, which can provide many applications (ex. games) if downloaded.

20th May 2001

If you could catch only a glimpse of the blooming flower, I will bloom for you to see.
If I could catch a glimpse of you and you could be stared upon, I wish I could transform into a flower seed again to be carried by the god of the wind to the place nearest to you.
If I was born to be able to encounter you, does it mean the time that I had spent was being wasted?

What is eternity?

When will the sun give the moon its hope in spring?

While trying to chase after eternity, I iritate and make the moon cry in winter at the end.

But if spring has come again, I wish spring could give the moon hope and go near it.

The moon's tears of joy give fullness to life .

If tears of leaving is a sad feeling.
If tears of leaving is a regretable feeling.
If tears of leaving is a happy feeling.
If tears of leaving has no feelings.

Happiness feels sweet.
Happiness is not something that could be defined.
Happiness is a good feeling to me.

But, what if I feel a sense of happiness while you feel it differently?

In a house where there is a door called 'leaving', 2 persons will have the feeling of being locked up.
If this door is open, how would my tears feel?
How would your tears feel?

I will regret while trying to hold back my tears.

There was only once in my life that I didn't shed any tears .
That was the only time.

Because time will pass and the scenery will change, crying has no meaning when I think about that matter again.

A man shouldn't be staying awake during sleeping hour.

I'm going to sleep.

26th Mar 2001

I suppose, thanks to beer, I am finally feeling sleepy.

Today I purchased a scanner and software to create websites. I think the application part is somewhat difficult. The manuals are so thick, they could probably knock a man senseless if hit with one of them. Well, at least I get to replace my older equipment and software, which I didn't master either, come to think of it. But this is not really my hobby anyway. Or is it?

However, it is probably best to have these new tools to accomplish my website in a way that I feel better about. Thus, I suppose I should learn how to use these tools. "Interchangeability" seems to be a key word to the existence of these components. The scanner seems to be capable of doing so many multitasks, which is why I bought it. But can it really perform as advertised? I guess I'll only know once I get through the manuals.

Yesterday I couldn't sleep till morning. That's why I felt drained and tired all day today. I've been recently wanting to sleep during the day, then I'm wide awake at night. I suppose it's okay, except that I'm not sleeping when I should, and awake when I shouldn't.

Now, I go to bed...

I've recently started loving tea (from Taiwan). I drink it all day. That's probably the cause of my lack of sleep.

Alright, I need to sleep now. Really.

25th Mar 2001

Good morning.
I didn't sleep last night because I wasn't sleepy.
I have insomnia often recently, why?
Is it because I've been thinking too much? Having had too little exercises might be the reason.
My body is not tired and it has probably resulted in insomnia.

It's becoming warm completely. The cherry trees are blooming. It's spring.

However recently, I think we are people who were merely born to this era, at this time, at this place, in this environment and in this country. These things were presented to us. My thoughts such as colour only reflect my point of view at this point of time.

If we were to be born 1000 years ago, the colour, the place, the country, the custom and also our knowledge, thoughts and emotions of that time will be portrayed.

In other words, there isn't any meaning? What is it then?

When I've come across things from other countries which are not found in my country, I would laugh comically with 'ah..!!', 'wah..!!', 'what a joke..!!', 'un?believable!!, 'how primitive!.

However, that also means I will probably feel the same way too if I happen to see unusual things in my country.

There is no place in particular good or bad. In other words, there is no such thing as good or bad. The reason being that one will continue to be taught new things and habits are only tentative.

Now when I think what is the custom like 100 year ago, many things have changed. In other words, things which we've now thought it to be and knowledge will most probably be different 50 years later. Again, things will be completely different 100 years later...but I won't be existing during that time.

umm...what do i want to say...in other words...I want freedom..haha..

Time always passes by.

Like what Buddha had said, 'everything is uncertain', the only one thing that remains unchanged forever is probably change itself.

What is it meant by being a Taiwanese? Being a Japanese? Or being a Korean?

Because i was born here, i am a Japanese. If I was born here 1000 years ago, i was a Japanese. If i was born here 5000 years ago, then who was I? What are the conditions that determine the type of people we are supposed to be? Then, 500 years later, if Japan occupies China or Korea or otherwise Taiwan, are people who were born in that place still considered as Japanese? Then, how about 1000 years later?

Originally, these countries had flowed from the various places.
Why do countries like to emphasize on reputation? Is it because of pride?
What is pride?

Everybody, let's be ourselves.
What is myself then?

I've written so much.. I'm just thinking about this kind of matter since I'm not sleepy.
Mr Don, long time no see. That was happy.
I was drunk..sorry..haha..
And Mr Orange...thank you all the time. Any problem with the finances?

Let's drink again next time.

17th Mar 2001

Yes, Long time has passed since my last diary was written.
There was a reason for it.

Some journalists in Hong-Kong and other countries in Asia have been invented
stories to add on my diary for publishing. That would be annoyed.
Especially they cooked stories about my experience of diarrhea. (I cannot
deny that there are many honest journalists are there as well).
I was actually thinking to quit to put my dairy on my home page, because I
do not want to bother my office staff.
Now disturbance was settled.
The other night I was with Mr. Yana at Chinese noodle shop, and a strange
guy sit next to me. He may though nobody realized that he had a small size
camera with him and taking a picture of me. Actually we knew it.
Calm down myself.
The existence of this kind of person disturbs my wish to go out with my way.
This is bad, but I can't help it.
Well, time to stop complaining.
Now, what should I tell you. I am after all communicating with my fans
through this site.
I will tell you something I have in mind.
I am going to stop playing with UP, but I know it hard for me to quit it.
A new ?V?I(New mackerel?) is come out. You can apply for the name of ?V?I
(New mackerel?).
I want to get kylins and unicorns.!!!
I have no excitement to speak with Girumen(?), but cannot quite it.
My professional work start again soon, hehe
I am trying to differentiate my work from others.
Today I had small party at my home in Taipei.
The main dish was roast pork with source that requires a esoteric recipe.
It is so good taste. You really like it.
You are able to cook as same as mine with a recipe.
May be I can sell it to you by 10,000Yen with 50cc. (This is just a joke)
I almost forget. A white day has passed, but what is this for?
I heard that sending caddies on white day was once poplar in old days, but
now you have to give a bland mane handbag such as a Pluda (?) at least.Then I though:
Japanese are basically do not care about the things of amour. The reason of
it that they tend to give chocolates or dandies to everyone they know at
valentine's day.
The should not consider "obligation" , rather consider a person you care the
See, Japanese are cadgy people from my perspective.
So am I. (secret)

20th Feb 2001

Pulled up good old memories
Songs which I song when I was a small boy
"Deep in the mountain in India, rolling like a snail"....I don't remember further. There are several versions on this line.
"1 to 2, and 3 is a tail, the son of gorilla, Chinese cabbage, decayed Chinese cabbage and tofu."
Oh Surprisingly, I have a good memory. But, where the son of gorilla should be placed.
"Dendere ryuba-detekurubatten, deraderarenken`de`tekenken konkora renken`korakorarenken`ko`n`kon"....should be sing with the highest speed.
I recently fully understood the meaning of this song.
I just recalled only 3 song, not more than that. Am I sure that I don't remember more songs? What I did when I was small.
Things I did when I was small
Wet (Every child have experience of wet!)
Stealing money from mother and relatives..Every children should have experience of this. (not sure)
Fight with brothers...It started from words, fight, then pointed each other by fingers..this part continued for fairly long minutes
Final stage of fight was to pull at each others hair
Having a dream of Dracula, I was allowed to sleep with mother but, I gave her some kicks whenever her snore bothered me
I always did together with friends from neighbors..In those days, I was not good at Japanese
Steel some sweet potato from near by field.
Women who had a knife in her hands appeared serious
Collected crayfishes and bugs
Put crayfishes in bathtub. My gran-ma used to eat crayfishes which had dies in bathtub. Hey, gran-ma, you cannot eat it, you know it
Refused going to school because sleepy, and would like to play game and etc. Grand-ma used to call to school and told them I have fever or so
Told father that mother had gone to play chinese chess..
Mother gave me a blow using a belt...painful
I was not a good boy
Things I did not do when I was small
Home work, expecially durng summer vacation, because it was vacation for summer
Good school performance, cannot help greeting
tell truth to parents
what a bad boy I was
Wa ha ha ha
Will try to write something good at next time.

15th Feb 2001

Wooooo!!!!! came back after two weeks ago
How have you been? Here is Takeshi again.
By the way, yesterday was a Valentine's day.
Thank you to everyone who sent me chocolates.
But!! Let me say a word.
I have been receiving a lot of presents from many people and have been feeling sorry for that.
So, it is OK to not give me presents anymore, please.
You see, some of them seem expensive. For some reason, I do not have a good habit to put value on goods.
Well, may be I am rather blowzy? May be because my belongings are frequently being lost or broken.
And also it puts pressure on me. Present something for parents.
Well, Valentine's day.
Do you know that only Japan has a habit that girls present chocolates to boys?. (as long as I know)
In other countries (expect Japan), boys present something to girls on Valentine's day. It is called ????
in Chinese. Even in the American School, too
Long long ago, when I was around 6th grade or so, presenting chocolates from girls to boys on Valentine's day was an event. And I found that there was no chocolates in my desk (I had never got one) on that day. Well, any way inside my desk was filled with great deal of garbage in those days.. But, the boy next to me got many chocolates in his desk, and his name was Takeshi as well.
Hey, some of them may be for me. Probably girls made mistakes of your desk and my desk.
Takeshi (boy next to me)
It is a joke. I never said so even though I thought it in my mind. Gee.
Yone, How are you?
However, I wanted to see Mr. Shimura's. I would like to see him perform it for me some day.
Lately, forget it.

Something extra

At the end, I realized I wrote a lot of rubbish in my essays.
Well, it may be OK because it describes what happened during trip.
Travel to south poll, it was wonderful experience.
It was beyond to express how beautiful a place it is and how pretty animals are.
I felt something that we, human-beings, have lost. It was not like that you will never able to see unless you go to south-pole, it rather something dormant in daily life.
We are not able to see such things because greediness and having dreams prevent us realizing such things are available around you.
Yes, I think if you realize it, you will feel everything troubles you are surrounding you are trivial.
Better to remove greediness and focus your dream
I will never forget that earth could not exist only for human-beings.

1st Feb 2001

Today is the 1st. The main event in Feb is..Valentines...
And also the broadcast of the trip to south pole.
I had a funny dream several days ago.
I enjoy having dreams. Let me tell you a bit.

Every objects and stuff are expressed by energy? and have different colors.
We are also expressed by energy with a white color.
We get in touch with many things as time goes. Every objects, every energy, every colors.
Consequently, we absorb colors that make us feel comfortable.
Each of us is able to change colors.
You can choose the best color that you feel happiness.
Favorite objects, stuff and peoples represent conformable (happy) colors. In short, it possible to feel happiness by integrating those comformable colors.
Bottom line is there is no distinction between good and bad in colors.
It just only you are not happy if you do not like a color.
That is typical that you do not like colors that other people like.
As everyone has different taste, you should not argue if other people disagree with your favorite colors.
Well, as I described above, there is not distinction between good and bad in colors.
Throughout the life, each of us integrates many favorite colors.
There is concept in our live that something is decided by majority vote. In other word, good colors are determined by majority. Therefore, minorities who are happy with their own colors are apt to be denied in result.
As you do not want to be denied, try to choose and shape universally accepted colors and character?
You are not able to enjoy foods which you do not like, are you.
When your happy with your own color, you will be able to release brilliant colors, I think.
Well.. let us free (yet I cannot suggest you so)
It was interesting dream, and I wonder if there is a meaning in it.
Onimusha, Devil sprit looks like a Kaede's china dress.
Why Kaede and Samanosuke wear china dress and panda respectively.
Both of them should wear panda!
Dear Kapuko, my friends are misunderstanding that I have designed Kaede's giant bust.

27th Jan 2001

The first Onimusha game took 6 hours to finish.
Shorter than I had expected. It is finally completed.
You see a Young onimusha.
In fact, the game is not difficult for players who like games, but it may be a little difficult for people who do not play games.
Especially the boss.
How bring a bee queen down into the dust. No game players.
And, currently I am challenging the second game.
Is the costume appropriate?
It would be better to create costumes as many as armors..
Oh yes, if you push L2 button, armors will be covered.
I discovered it just a little while ago.
I will challenge second game with hoping that I will be able to find something new.
But, still update is not made except this page. It may be OK.

24th Jan 2001

Today is a Chinese New Year's day. A happy New Year
But, this day is not for Japanese.
I prefer a Chinese New Year. In fact, I don't care much anymore.
The year of snake has (just) started.
I have to be serious to start working from this day!
I have to play a Oninusha game before that.
It may be good idea to enjoy fire crackers..
Anyway, A happy New Year.

11th Jan 2001

I am watching TV too much.
There isn't much good news on TV.
The world seems to have become a depressing place.
After watching too much TV, I suddenly remembered when I was in the Antarctica. There was no phone nor TV; thus no news. I remember saying that it seems somewhat nice to be in such situation.
If we don?t know what?s happening in the world, we would worry about being left out. Then again, if we find out what?s happening, we would want to know the most current information about it. Living in the society, we are framed in its structure.
I have a feeling. Especially lately, I just have an uneasy feeling that something was going to happen soon though I am unsure what is happening or where it?s happening.
Is it just my imagination?
It could also be a good thing.
To change the subject, I just remembered one of the old tales of Buddhism that was told by my master. I like listening to old tales.
The tale was about what Buddha was talking about.
He was talking about the sequence of different eras. I don?t remember very well but according to his story, after the era of religion, we will have the era of chemicals and then that of science. Umm, I couldn?t, I just couldn't remember. (Master! Please forgive your unfaithful disciple.)
Anyway, in the end, after finishing the science era, we are in the era of something....energy? It could be something else. hehe~
The size of human beings at that time should be about the size of a forearm of Buddha. (Humans in this era are told to be large.) The life span would be around 30 years. They also would have an ability to easily make weapons (metals) disappear.
Well, I told a story that was not a complete story but it is quite interesting.
When Amitabha has become a saint, he made 48 wishes. One of them was that people who call his name faithfully or those who seek for help from him would be for sure called to his sacred land to be in their novitiate when they die. That is why we often hear people chant, ? Nam-ami-ta-bha. Nam-ami-ta-bha.?
By the way, I don't know any of the other 47 wishes.
Ha-ha-ha. Nam-ami-ta-bha.

7th Jan 2001

I am playing UO too much.
I know I shouldn't be playing UO now.
I should stop indulging myself soon.
Tonight is the last chance to use Christmas ticket.
I need to remember to do that?If I were to get anything, it should of course be the Bell?

5th Jan 2001

It's endless. It's endless. When I become interested in something, I always tend to get totally involved in it. Once I get distracted by something new, I then start getting involved in that one. I seem to have been that way ever since I was a little kid.
Does this mean I cannot stick to anything and I get tired of everything very fast??
Noooo!! I am not like thaaat!!
"Yes, indeed", I have often been told that by my dad. Long time ago, when I was still in the elementary school, I learned about microscope's in science class. When I came home, I told my parents, "I want one. I want a microscope. Pleeeeease get me one! I want to study scieeeence!! Waaaa? (I cried very hard)
My parents had no choice but giving up and buying a microscope for me. (One that was very old and shabby)
Then in less than three days, I completely forgot about the microscope to the degree that I could not even remember where it was.
Well, well, I of course examined such grains of sugar and salt, but you would stop doing that when you run out of things to view through the microscope, right? I wanted to see snow crystals but we had no snow in Taiwan. You see?
Later, in the middle school?
I was, for some unknown reason, interested in ?Kendo Club" (sort of like Japanese Fencing) . Yes, I must have fallen in love with the costume, probably.
When I came home, I told my parents. ?I want a costume. I need one. Pleeeease buy me a Kendo costuuume!!! I want to fully learn Kendoooo!!!(with a very serious look)?. Then my parents gave up and bought a costume for me.(It was very expensive.) I tried it on at home and thought,?Hmm, don?t I look quite nice in it?! (smile)?
On my first day at the Kendo Club, before starting basic practices, I had to run around the ground a whole lot (to the degree that I almost throw up) in order to build up stamina and strength??? (with no costume)
Next day, I quit Kendo Club.
What? That sounds like a quitter.
Noooo! I am not like thaaaat!!!
Hahaha, you would not be able to understand that.
Well, there are certainly too many things that I?m interested in. I?m doing a homepage because I have an interest in it, too. I work hard to learn about things I?m interested in. What's wrong with that? (Nothing, right?)

1st Jan 2001

A Happy New Year! As it is a happy day, I changed the frame of this page to red. I still need to change a lot on this homepage. But it is an endless work once I start improving it.
One thing that has become clear today is that Nostradamus was not simply a liar but also was a con artist? (It?s still a mystery.) In any rate, it was good that we were able to pass the end of the millennium without any problem. (No one seemed to really care about it anyway.) hehe~
But it made me laugh when my ICQ had started going off all at once like ?o ? oo ? o ? oo-? as soon as the New Year arrived.
I found that everyone was happy with the arrival of the New Year. I then quickly typed my New Year messages and copied and pasted many times.
Looking back last year, it seems to me that I have not done much work. Well I did Lavender, Antarctica program, CMs, Onimusha, and what else? Was the year 2000 last year? Hehe~

6th Dec 2001 (translated by mmi)

Whew, I'm sleepy, but it's a fine day. Well, I'm going to set out for the South Pole.
By the way, there are some transfer points:
before boarding a ship to the South Pole, the time in a plane should be a full 27 hours or so;
the waiting time at the airport should be 9 hours or so;
36 hours in all...?! Oh, my... that's terrible...
Moreover, after that, it takes 2 days to go to the South Pole by ship... What?!
Well, OK, I'd rather not think of it.

The convenience store in Japan is marvelous: it sells everything without big-name blands and furniture, doesn't it?
I bought something important before setting out for the South Pole:
that is... soy sauce. (Miserable...)
A piece of suggestion for the manufacturer:
uh, how about to put on the market a small package of various seasonings like soy sauce, chilli oil, mixed spices and so on?
You know, it's so hassle to buy them one by one...and besides, I feel awkward.
Well, please consider such a thing. It's about time for me to stop, see you!

Oh! It's already six o'clock in the morning...

I will go to bed now.

5th Dec 2001 (translated by mmi)

。ケThis website is constructed for the screen size of 1024。ム768. It is checked by Internet Explorer 5 or above only.

I manage this website from my own volition, so please understand that my job and my fans are not the main object.
Or, rather than I do, many people, who are more skilful than me, maintain such websites like that, and they transmit information quickly...w
Well, I intend to make it a personal site...
so whether fan or not, please look at it. (The website is to be looked at.)

I just want to take this occasion to express my gratitude to you all, who support me,
and who collect much information for my supporters.
I watch your websites as many as possible, including BBS: I don't reply but just read your comments.
I don't make a reply in your BBS because someone causes a problem if I do. Therefore I didn't, and I will not.
But, after completing my website, I will consider somehow whether I set up my BBS. But as written above,
this website is not for fans only, then what will happen if I set up BBS? ...Unclear.

I regret that I can type only in Japanese (just by Roman alphabet input),
I mean, I cannot type in Chinese. Probably, it will somehow resolved...

A part of this website has Flash. In the case that it is not shown, please get a free player. You can get it from here.

You may link here freely, but any reproduction without my approval or any commercial use are forbidden.
I will make a banner of this site sometime.

Best regards.

It's cold in Japan, I guess it's much colder at the South Pole; well, probably there is no problem...
Sure enough, the polar bear is at the North Pole only...
I wish at least the clione could be there, but it seems not to be.
What will I take there with me?

Golden Horse Award:
At the time that the film industry is in slump, it is no easy matter to carry out such award anyway. I hope more and more superb works come out.
Is it better to be a cutthroat rivalry?
Anyway, is such award meaningful when the cinema has few customers? Just doing anything like watching stars... Even if one is awarded, it is meaningless unless people watch it.

Oh, yes, I'm glad about the patch of stable in UO, because I'm performing the tamer. Ah, I want a jet-black osta.

Note :

clione: a kind of snail, but it has no shell. The one that Takeshi mentions must be clione limacina, because it is the one well known in Japan. It is 1-3 cm long. Although he says it seems not to be at the South Pole, actually it seems to be there, too ;p
UO: Ultima Online, one of the network games.
osta: a sort of animal seen in UO.